What Are Travel Buddies? Find a Travel Buddy


What Are Travel Buddies?
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A travel buddy is a companion you travel with and could be paid or not.

travel buddy

Senior travel buddies. These two travel companions wanted to be together.

Meet new people, find a travel buddy or a paid female travel companion in our free forum.


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"I want to find a travel buddy for my next cruise to the Caribbean. I am seeking a paid female travel companion and we will meet up with my holiday friends. More details, click here. "

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travel buddies

A paid female travel companion, now good holiday friends with her travel mate

Feel free to post on our oversixty.me friendship community website, ask for a travel companion wanted or holiday friends required etc.


What Are Travel Buddies?
Find a Travel Buddy

What are travel buddies? And how do you find a travel buddy online? Meet new people; find a travel buddy or a paid female travel companion on our free message board.

Oversixty.me being primarily a free platonic friendship platform is the ideal place to look for a travel buddy or travel buddies. Going on holiday on your own can be daunting but on the message board you could reach people in the same position who would love someone to go on holiday with rather than be alone either as travel companions or senior travel buddies.

Take reasonable and necessary precautions whatever you arrange. Do not part with money upfront if you choose to pay a travel companion and ensure that someone knows at all times with whom and where you are going.

Use oversixty.me to find travel companions who will not only be travel buddies but good holiday friends you can enjoy your travels with. Rather than feel lonely and isolated reach out and take the steps to enjoy time and places with a likeminded travel buddy. Our message board is a great way to meet people and arrange an outing whether within the UK or abroad.

Using the free oversixty.me forum you could make a best friend that you choose to go on multiple outings or holidays with. Or else you could make a group of friends that you would be able to go on different types of holiday that you have a mutual preference for. The choice and control is in your hands so please post and see what members have to offer. 

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