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Do You Want Soul Mates?
Form a Platonic Soulmate Friendship

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"I want to find my soulmate somewhere near Newcastle. I'm a 63 year old widow looking to form a best friend soulmate or platonic soulmate friendship with a senior man ". -- wait for the replies.

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Do You Want Soul Mates?
Form a Platonic Soulmate Friendship

For whatever reason not everyone is looking for romance in a relationship but looking for that special friend as a platonic soulmate. is the free forum where you can post in the message board and seek a personal friend soulmate.

Many people have been lucky in life to have had the relationship that was perfect and loving for them but now find themselves alone. In later life you can still find your soulmate but of a platonic friend soulmate kind that will take nothing from your previous relationship. Companionship and a best friend can be very rewarding and bring happiness and joy to everyday living. has the free forum to let you post in the message board and reach out and make new good friends that can become best friends for life.

Being a mature lady or gentleman on your own does not mean that you have to stay that way for your remaining years. Our totally free site allows people to post in the free message board and contact others who may feel the same way and just want a real best friend forever or are looking for a special friend either to socialise with or live with if mutually beneficial. Please join and I hope we can break the feelings of loneliness and isolation for each other.


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