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How to Make Friends Online?
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Meet new people. New male best friends for life

New male best friends for life


Meet new people, make new friends online, find a new good friend in our forum.

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Type in a question that relates to ways to meet new people or making new friends in your area, such as the following.  (Don't forget to write where you live)

     "I'm lonely after a longish illness and would just like to meet new people near me, or make friends online. I am an active 66 year old single female living in Altrincham and I would love to chat free with other men and women in south Manchester, Stockport and Sale area."

or  " As a 68 year old still working man, living alone in the Nottingham area I am actively seeking types of friends who would enjoy walking, cycling and swimming. I would initially like to chat free through the message board before meeting up.

 --   Lookout for the replies.

Feel free to post on our friendship community website, ask for 'a best friend for life' or seek 'a new good friend' etc

Senior older woman dating older man. Make friends in your 50s and 70s.
Senior older woman dating older man. Make friends in your 50s and 70s

Best Way to Meet New People?  How to Make Friends Online in Your 60s and 70s?

In these modern times it can be difficult for over sixties to go out, and meet new people. is a free forum where you can make friends online and be meeting new people.  These can be good platonic friendships or romantic relationships; whatever you wish.
By posting in our free message board you could be chatting to likeminded people and make friends online, arranging to meet for coffee, a meal and making a new good friend which could lead to best friends for life.  The possibilities are down to you and meeting new people in your in our free chat forum is the first step.
People can be cautious or shy and by joining it gives the opportunity to meet new people in a safe and confidential way.  Life doesn’t stop at sixty and we shouldn’t accept that loneliness and isolation is all that there is for seniors.   We do not match people and expect our members to safeguard themselves and give due diligence when starting their chat. 
Hopefully our chat free message board will give you the confidence to reach out and make new good friends online. Whether you just want to make friends when you have none online and chat free with them, creating platonic friendships or developing the best way to meet new people in your area face to face, singly or in a group.  Please follow and we hope that it will make more friends online.


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