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I Have No Friends Anymore
I Have No Life

Senior lady claims "I have no friends"
Senior lady claims "I have no friends"

Having No Friends - "I Feel Like I Have No Friends"
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Go to the message board, type in a question that relates to 'I've got no friends' or 'wanting to make new friends online' or similar, such as the following.  (Don't forget to write where you live)

"I am a 64 year old separated lady living in Birmingham, I have no friends, and I'm looking for a good friend, either a woman or a man of similar age". -- wait for the replies.

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"I Have No Friends Anymore"

Moving to a new area and having no friends to chat to or socialize with can be daunting.  Being in an environment long term where you have been unable to make a lasting true friendship is even more so.  It can be hard to admit to being lonely but by joining oversixty.me then you have the chance to be in a long lasting platonic friendship or romantic friendship with other mature men or women. To say "I've got no friends", or even worse "I have no friends and no life anymore" must make you feel awful. Hopefully the remedy may lie with oversixty.me where you have the opportunity to make new friends.

The recent pandemic has isolated many people, especially those over sixty and some have found that it is harder to get out and about and have no one to talk to.  Our message board allows members to chat in a comfortable and pleasant forum without pressure, arrange to meet up if they so wish and lead to a happy and fulfilling life. 

Also, if for whatever reason, you are housebound then oversixty.me is a good place to have social interaction with likeminded people.  The free message board is an easy and friendly platform to reach out to others and see where posting a chat could lead for you.  You are not alone and there will be others who say "I have no friends" or those looking to expand their friend network.

Mature people can feel isolated due to their advancing years but there is life out there whatever age you are. Oversixty.me has been created to open up possibilities for everyone to change their social life either in person or online. 


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